​Thank you for your time and interest to present a children's/teen television series called OZARK MOUNTAIN RANCH.  The project is 13/half hour episodes featuring a horse whisperer who gives hope and self-confidence to At-Risk-Youth.  These children are usually from broken homes and foster care facilities.  

OZARK MOUNTAIN RANCH is a real story with real people in a real setting.  A well known and respected horse trainer, his wife, and a set of campers turned counselors, help turn-around troubled young teens at a special summer horse camp located in the rugged Ozark Mountains near Branson Missouri.  Other locations in Missouri and Arkansas will also be featured on the series.  Children, teens, and especially parents will appreciate the family values, adventure, and uplifting theme of OZARK MOUNTAIN RANCH.

Production is scheduled to start June of 2017 and can go-to-air as early as Fall 2017.

Ozark Mountain Ranch for Kids, a Missouri Corporation with a 501(c)(3) status, is accepting donations for the purpose of producing the Television Series.  A tax deductible benefit is available to each donor.  The tax deductible benefit can be used over a 6-year period.  

Each episode of the TV-series will include a 30-second commercial spot devoted to Ozark Mountain Ranch for Kids.  This will be a great marketing tool to further the mission of the Non-Profit.


1.  Helping kids

It will be YOUR donation that gives millions of potential viewers the opportunity to see how a little time and a little patience can change young lives forever.

2.  The Premier
Those who donate $10,000 or more will receive an invitation to attend the Television Premier at the IMAX Theater in Branson, Missouri.  The cast of the show will be on hand to greet you. The invitation includes tickets to the premier, hotel rooms for two nights, restaurant vouchers, tickets to music shows. and an invitation to the post/party at IMAX.

3.  Credit

In addition to the Branson Premier invitation, those who donate $10,000 or more will also receive an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on every episode of the TV-series. 

Thank you.



Ozark Mountain Ranch