Ozark Mountain Ranch 

Watch the Pilot Episode  23:30

                                 SEASON ONE:  ADDITIONAL EPISODES

101       Pilot Episode 
The Ranch characters are introduced. 4 new girls arrive. Each counselor is paired with one of the new girls for the summer.  A baby horse is born.

 102       The Horses
Art picks out horses for the new girls. The counselors teach the new girls how to groom and care for their horses. Art demonstrates the first part of ground-working a horse (the send) Meanwhile, Bradley and Kolton try to fix a water pipe, not a good idea.

103       Great Balls of Poop
The new girls learn how to properly clean a horse stall, and a major poop fight starts. Art meets his banker at the barn unaware of the chaos inside . There is a stall-cleaning contest and the new girl who does the best job wins a show halter as a prize.  Kendra gets Strike One, two more and she's gone.

 104       Ground Working                    
Art demonstrates part two & three of ground working a horse (the lateral bend and disengaging). Meanwhile, Bradley and Kolton try to de-worm the ranch bull, not a good idea.

 105       Hay Day
All of the girls are expected to do chores at the ranch, but Kendra refuses to haul hay.  Kendra gets Strike Two... one more and she will have to leave the ranch. After work the girls go swimming in the creek and we learn that Aria has never learned to swim.  Meanwhile, Bradley and Kolton attempt to build a new hay-barn swing.

 106      Trail Ride
Aria loses her glasses on a trail ride and her horse wonders off the trail.  In an effort to help find her friend, and despite her fear, Emily finally rides her horse.  Bradley and Kolton are in charge of preparing lunch on the trail.  Three boys from Jacob's House (a foster care facility) Mikee, Gabe, and Clayton,  "catch" lunch in the creek.

 107 & 108      Horse Cents   Part 1 & Part 2
The girls learn how to run a business by selling lemonade in downtown Branson.  Bradley and Kolton are in charge of building the lemonade stand. 

 109       The Music Show
Art talks about how important it is to pay attention while training a horse.  Brianna and Emily surprise everyone by demonstrating their talents at a local Branson Music Theater.  Bradley and Kolton attempt to repair the ranch van.

 110       The Recipe
Kendra makes homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, unfortunately she uses the wrong ingredients. Art demonstrates how to train a horse to do a difficult maneuver.  Bradley and Kolton attempt to repair a horse stall, trapping themselves inside.

 111       The Barrels
Art & the girls visit a barrel race training facility in Arkansas. The owner teaches the girls some of her racing techniques. The girls talk Bradley into getting inside one of the barrels...he gets stuck.

 112       First Date 
Clayton has asked Emily to the rodeo dance.  The counselors visit a local second hand clothing store where they buy Emily a dress and make-up.  Bradley thinks he never gets enough eggs at breakfast so he and Kolton attempt to build a chicken coop.

 113       The Rodeo

It's the last week of summer at the Ranch and time for the Annual Ozark Mountain Ranch Rodeo.  Brianna and Taylor compete for the attention of a local cowboy.  Bradley and Kolton are in charge of the concession stand.